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Story of mini streamer

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I say it’s a regular carp, so-called ordinary size, but there are also peers who are fulfilling the day and night mission with a surprisingly small body.

Such things are called mini-carves and are familiar to many people.

Introduction of mini nobori

There is a reason that the mini-carp is familiar. At first it looks pretty. I think that you can meet in various places because it is manufactured in a size that gives love and closeness.

In addition, because of its extremely easy-to-use size, it is a major feature of the mini carp that you can not forget the ease of installation.

We can not set up regular regular carp if there isn’t enough space, but those with small bodies can be set up at extremes, anywhere.

It is not only placed around the goods normally, but it is suspended from above, it is attached to the wall, it is tied with a string and placed at both ends of the product shelf, the habitat of the mini carp is listed It is witnessed in many places so that there is no time to

For me, isn’t it a little tough? There are a lot of places that I think, but they do not complain, they play an ambitious mission every day.

Such mini-carpenters are often used indoors, so they are almost indoors, so their life span is very long. It can not be compared with us.

In addition, the presence of mini-carves seems to be small indoors from the fact that it is installed indoors and from a compact appearance, and in many cases the decoration to be printed is also less flashy.

The mini streamer is the existence that said so.

Promotion effect of mini nobori

It can be said that the promotional effects brought about by mini-carvers extend to other fields. Not only appealing products and services, but of course, there are also cases where you can give the role of directing as a decoration to create the effect of building up the product from the overall impression and connecting it to sales.

Also, because of the cuteness of the mini carp, there are cases where it can be given a mascot-like role, and cases where it can be given a slightly different mission from sales promotion, such as guidance notation.

Even so, the presence of mini-carves is very close to the customers on the environment where it is installed, and as a result it is easy to get them to mind, so it is loved as an entity that produces a stable promotional effect. .

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