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The story of the pole and stand

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The daily life of the streamers is a very fun thing. Although there are some hardships, supported by many friends, I spend my life funny every day.

That is right. The streamers spend, because many people support us in this fun everyday. Occasionally we sometimes go boating, but still we are grateful every day.

By saying that, I will introduce the friends of the streamer.

The carp is also fashionable, and you can’t live in one piece, you can’t even do activities, so you need some help from them.

Paul’s story

Nobody can stand on its own. Getting up and blowing in the wind is quite difficult. It has been produced in the form that says so from the time the ancestors were born, so it seems to be useless even if we make an effort to live now.

However, thanks to that, I could meet nice friends. It is Paul Nobori. He will make me stand up!

Paul, who has a fine appearance and has a worrying body, is a surprisingly strong child and most of them are made of environmentally friendly materials.

Saying that it’s environmentally friendly is a very favored appeal point, and I’m proud of it well. As a carp, I do not know to say the difference there, but it is important to say that people are pleased.

Also, as you can see, there are a lot of light children as you see. It can be said that being strong and light is just enough to support us.

The story of the Nobori stand stand

In addition to Paul, there are other people who say stand stands.

And if he doesn’t, I can not stand himself, of course, as well as Paul. It is a strong man just below the edge.

It seems that there are a lot of people who silently stand on the carp stand so that the words apply to them. The reason is that it is a water injection system, and Paul reasoned that it might be for supporting us by storing water in my body and making my weight heavier. It’s an aside, though.

In addition, the thing called water storage type of water storage type varies depending on the rising stand stand, and people who can store larger amounts of water say that it is suitable to support large flags or work in a harsh environment. .

There are other types of Nobori stand stand other than the water injection type, and iron objects are used indoors.

This iron carp stand has a good impression that many people are very talkative. It may be evidence to support Paul’s theory.

Besides, the existence of the flag stop packer who strengthens the relationship between Paul and me is also indispensable.

A group of steel, plastic, and wooden poles that can replace stand stand has recently made it popular.

In this way, with the support of many friends, Nobori fulfills its mission today as well.

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