The streamer to think from the original


The original streamer is a custom-made flag made with meaning according to a certain purpose.

In the Nobori world, there is a long conflict between a school that is yearning for being original and a school that takes advantage of being ready rather than being so.

As it is produced in the original, since the carp can surely complete its mission, the ready-made group may be intensifying the conflict, including in a certain sense.

Such, the circumstances of the nobori world aside, introduce the original flag. It is a valuable opportunity to capture their ecology!

Feature of original streamer

The original carp will fulfill a very stoiced mission. It has a meaning to be created before it is born, so it is a kind of a cyborg that has been tightly packed.

The strength of the original carp that is produced according to the purpose is that all can be included. It is possible to carry the message you want to convey, it is possible to impersonate the color you want to give.
Since this can decorate the rarity and speciality that are not in ready-made products, the original carp can be the only one in the world, and has the feature of producing great promotional effects and appeal. You are

Moreover, it can be said that such rarity or speciality is a banner that is connected to the speed to be recognized and also has the characteristic of being easy to remember.

Even in the world of samurai with lots of fashion, the friends originally produced are truly outstanding and special.

How to use the original streamer

It is said that the original carp is a perfect presence for a shop that wants to create a big promotional effect while striking out a strong individuality.

The unique rarity and speciality of the original carve offensive in the corner of the street where existing products squeeze, creating a striking presence.

It is the scene where they are the most motivated, and the way they are used to fulfill their mission of conveying information.

In addition, the original carp is often given a unique print and a name, which at the same time leads to the individuality of the whole store.

How to use it to say that the production of the whole store that starts from the stream is also a pleasure for them, and it will fulfill its mission properly while adapting to the environment given to stoic. As a result, I think that we will produce a great promotional effect.

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