The streamer which produced how to show


In fact, there are things that are fixed and placed on the streamer.

It is said that it is common sense in the world of climbing, and it will be a way to affect human psychology and appearance.

In addition, even in simple row-by-row rowing, by making a small twist, it makes various differences, and it will be a presentation method that will have a great impact on sales promotion effects, appeal, sales and sales amount etc. It is.

As a carp, I have no complaints about being able to work in a good mood, and I would like you to use it as much as possible as long as it results in a good direction, so I will introduce it. This is all for the companions. By all means, please strike in the corner of the head ♪

Effective placement of the streamer

It is a story of the interval to put the streamers. Certainly, we don’t like being too cramped-it’s a cat-like character that tells us that it’s too embarrassing to say that it’s a shameful shopmanship.

It is said that the installation interval that releases us the most freely is 1 m 80 cm. It is one of the places in the way of the shakunuki method that has always been in Japan and is a unit that I am used to hearing. Nobori grew up in Japan, so it’s a feeling of distance that is quite nice.

In addition, this 1 m 80 cm is a distance sense that is easy to see from pedestrians and easy to recognize from drivers while driving. It is a feeling I can not really know for me as a carp streamer, but if it is comfortable for human beings, I would like you to incorporate it by all means.

How to effectively show the streamer

The effective display of the streamer will be a change that depends on what we enjoy and what is fashionable.

Rather than having a group of friends with the same face in a row, it will definitely stand out if one of them has a different color. It’s not like looking for a single sugar in a lot of salt, but it’s like asking to find black sesame seeds.

In such a case, it is recommended that you print the name of the information that you want to convey, but it is completely different on this special sheet, as the feeling of the carp, and set it up. Anyway, he stands out!

In addition, I think that it is possible to make effective sales promotion activities as a banner by arranging only the name-added print and the printed message in reverse by arranging the flags in which only the color scheme is changed even if the design is changed. You

It is important to match the color scheme at that time with the atmosphere of the store and the local atmosphere. I do not want to be disliked.

Conversely, it is possible to set up banner flags that match the shop atmosphere by adding variations to the name-added print and printed messages and combining color schemes with similar colors and similar colors.

In this case, the atmosphere of the store is well developed, and in addition to playing a role in decorating, it is said that the products and services being handled can be appealed by climbing up, it is said that the original usage works well, 2 It will be double the placement method.

Lastly, I will tell you that arranging the same-faced friends is also an effective placement method. The message says that it is a thing that will be perpetuated by repeating things, so I think the carp is very effective for appealing new openings and new services.

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