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Feelings of the stream + the used figure

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Nobori is used in many places. I think that you all know it.

Even in such places and places like this, Nobori works well every day and works hard to earnestly.

It is likely to lose to rain and wind, but occasionally it loses, but Mio has a fairly strong body, and it overcomes both summer heat and winter cold.

We introduce activity of such a streamer from five scenes.

View of the feeling of the stream + setting method +
By changing the way of placement and how to show, it is possible to obtain higher promotional effects.

With a slight difference in the way of presentation, our flag may make a big change in its meaning and even its identity may be denied. That’s a great deal of trouble!

Therefore, I recommend the effective setting method that the carp streamer thinks ♪

Feelings of the streamers + The color changes +
The streamer is quite fashionable. Did you know? I do not say I didn’t know that, right? right?

Please check carefully the appearance of the streamers overflowing in the city. You are dressed up wearing the color and dressed up, right? Some of them are single-colored, but they are the ones who take care of their work.

We are giving lectures on such colors for the nobori! Please see by all means ♪

View from the feeling of the sky + design +
There is a large family of children called ready-made, with many brothers and sisters with the same face all over the country. On the contrary, there are also children called unique custom-made items with faces full of original tea.

Even though they are ready-made products, they have the same face, but because of the difference in the living environment where they go, there are also children who are keen on work, children who grow leisurely, and our world is very fun!

In addition, I say that production is different, and because existing products are made to live separately according to different reasons for being born, I think that it is important to know the situation of each in order to manage the streamer .

That’s why, just for a moment, please give me time to climb. 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 45 seconds is good!

Feeling of the stream + decoration items +
As the carp is still fashionable, we will wear various accessories. It is not the convenience of our husband. We just want it.

We introduce all the decorative items that we have fallen into such a hall. I would like them to send their tears and big applause to those who are always indebted to the fact that they want to do it with light.

Feeling of kind of traffic + kind introduction +
I mentioned at the beginning that it’s a kind of regular climber, but there are still others who are different in kind.

Would you like to introduce the kind of different friends who said so? Well, I was not masculinary, I thought I was full of upbringing. Please take a look and go!

Feeling of nobility + handling instructions +
The streamers are constantly standing on the street and working. Sometimes, it is exposed to heavy rain and is likely to be blown away by a strong wind, but fulfills its desperately given mission!

Well, in the heavy rain, sometimes I would like to put it in the store as soon as possible to warm this frozen body, but unfortunately, there is no mouth in the streamer. I’m sorry.

That’s why this time, as a handling note, Nobori decided to plead!

We believe that people who love the streamers will always read it! !

Feeling of the stream + birth secret story +
Fabrics and inks are among the things that make up the body of the streamer. Who is it? It becomes less! What did you think?

It has a simple appearance, but it is a wonderful body filled with the thoughts of the people who produce us. What is called a banner?

We would like to touch on the fabric and ink that are the materials that make up the streamer.

Feeling of a stream + a figure seen on history +
In fact, we have lived a world of warring nations. Did you know? The streamer has an old history. Moreover, it is the advertising medium that represents this country, raised in Japan!

Good luck, radio, TV, Internet, even before the birth of a young man, carp was active. It becomes a seat about such our history.

The story of a large streamer

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Our regular type is a size that is moderate and easy to handle. However, the children who are called “large streamers” will have a very big style.

Its powerful size is not only about producing a promotional effect simply by making it stand out, but also talks that it is doing various activities.

Introduction of a large streamer

The children who call it a large carp will be rehearsed, but anyway they are big. Its powerful size is easy to find from a distance and looks good.

In addition, to say that the body is large, such as the size of the characters put in the name and the design to be printed can be made a powerful size in all, so making effective use of it is a point to take advantage of the large stream It can be said that.

However, we can not say that the size of this size has the disadvantage of limiting the installation environment.

Even if you do not have enough space, even if you are given the mission of a large car, it would be a disastrous event for him, so I would like you to be careful enough.

However, as long as such problems can be cleared, we can expect powerful movements unique to a large, massive carp, so we would like you to use our regulars together.

Promotion effect of large size streamer

Large-sized carp is often used as a marker as well as how it is used for promotional effects.

For example, in the vicinity of the entrance of a large event venue, there is a high possibility that our regular streamers will be unnoticeable, and there are many situations where effective promotion as well as prompt guidance are difficult.

However, if it is a large carp, there is no need to worry about it, and you can quickly carry out sales promotion and guidance to the venue.

The scene where such a large carp is active includes a variety of situations such as a car sales office and a housing exhibition where ample installation space is secured as well as the event site, and a roadside where restaurants in the suburbs are adjacent. They are working hard day and night.

After all, simply standing up produces high sales promotion effects and appealing ability in an easy-to-understand manner, so a large carp will still be a place to be active.

We will not replace the regular carp, but if you find it somewhere, please say aloud that we are still working hard today. I’m sure I’m happy.

By the way, there is also a special banner with a unique shape, called a swing banner. In size, there are children of various sizes, from regular to large.

As it looks like it’s a pretty strange child, it’s like it’s uphill, is it? If you see a child say, please think that it is a swing banner.

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