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The story of printing related to the creation of a streamer

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It is necessary to print with ink to create a streamer. This is related to both ready-made and original products.

There are several ways to do this printing, and we will introduce you to things that are frequently used in streamer production, including those that are not.

Producing a streamer with silk screen printing

Many of the streamers are indebted to this silk screen printing.
In the high-flying world, if Ponji, the fabric, is the right yokozuna, silk screen printing would be the same as the left yokozuna.

Silk-screen printing, which produces a colorful, well-colored finish, is a technique in which a plate is created for each color, and printing is applied to a streamer. Because there is a limited condition that one color is always required for one color, in the case of a small number of sheets, the unit price per sheet will be expensive. That is the printing method that is suitable for producing a large family.

Hot-spot production by inkjet printing

It can be said that it is also a feature of silk screen printing, and it is expensive to produce a large family, so it is not said that it is a lot of friends, but it is a printing method that is frequently used when creating a streamer.

It seems that inkjet printing, which can print in full color, does not have to be made and uses a technique such as spraying pigment ink directly onto a high density fabric, so it is effectively used when creating a small group is.

Indigo dyeing, making a streamer

When printing on a cotton streamer, you may want to use this dyer. Unlike silk screen and ink jet printing, it takes time to repeat work carefully and dye the fabric, so it is said to be expensive when it is manufactured.

If you give us your opinion, I would like you to use cotton dye as a cotton material to create a flag that makes you feel more quaint with history and tradition.

I think that it is a thing that demonstrates its worth only if the printing method called indigo dyeing is added to the unique texture called cotton carp!

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