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The story of printing related to the creation of a streamer

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It is necessary to print with ink to create a streamer. This is related to both ready-made and original products.

There are several ways to do this printing, and we will introduce you to things that are frequently used in streamer production, including those that are not.

Producing a streamer with silk screen printing

Many of the streamers are indebted to this silk screen printing.
In the high-flying world, if Ponji, the fabric, is the right yokozuna, silk screen printing would be the same as the left yokozuna.

Silk-screen printing, which produces a colorful, well-colored finish, is a technique in which a plate is created for each color, and printing is applied to a streamer. Because there is a limited condition that one color is always required for one color, in the case of a small number of sheets, the unit price per sheet will be expensive. That is the printing method that is suitable for producing a large family.

Hot-spot production by inkjet printing

It can be said that it is also a feature of silk screen printing, and it is expensive to produce a large family, so it is not said that it is a lot of friends, but it is a printing method that is frequently used when creating a streamer.

It seems that inkjet printing, which can print in full color, does not have to be made and uses a technique such as spraying pigment ink directly onto a high density fabric, so it is effectively used when creating a small group is.

Indigo dyeing, making a streamer

When printing on a cotton streamer, you may want to use this dyer. Unlike silk screen and ink jet printing, it takes time to repeat work carefully and dye the fabric, so it is said to be expensive when it is manufactured.

If you give us your opinion, I would like you to use cotton dye as a cotton material to create a flag that makes you feel more quaint with history and tradition.

I think that it is a thing that demonstrates its worth only if the printing method called indigo dyeing is added to the unique texture called cotton carp!

A streamer composed of only single-color prints

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Nobori is fashionable! As it is an important thing, I will repeat again and again. By that, when we are produced, we have a strong commitment to the print and name print that will be applied. And that has certain meaning, and it has been created in advance to target it.

In other words, we, the things called the stream, are born given the meaning of existence.

Therefore, I would like to give lectures on how to use us, which consisted of only single-color prints, as a nostalgic fashion beginner’s class.

Impression of a carp made of only single-color prints

First of all, I think that it gives a very simple impression. However, in the case of single-color printing, it often gives an emphasis on putting names so that the presence as a carp can be exhibited properly, so it gives a striking impression.

After all, we say that we send out the message we want to convey clearly, because we are able to use the most pleasing way of using the kite, so why not just do something too simple? There is also a side I think, but I am very happy even if I subtract it.

In addition, I think that the carp streamer thinks that it is too simple gives an impression of having a sense of intimacy. We have heard that humans have an absolute mentality that is safe = easy to understand. That is where single-color printing is the best.

I think that the intimacy that gives a sense of closeness is the impression of a banner that has been produced with only a single-color print.

The effect of the streamer consisting only of single color print

I mentioned above that giving a simple impression, but I think that this simpleness is an effect in terms of effects, and that it works surely, the carpenter.

The fact that we don’t give complex colors to the streamers is different in the speed at which they jump into the eyes. You can easily capture the information, and you can capture the message straight from the far away, directly and directly, and create a quick promotional effect.

This is also a standout thing. As a carp, having a quick and easy identification is a powerful weapon.

And as it is composed of single-color print, saying that the banner is simple, the characters to be entered are also easy to remember the contents of the message. This is also a strong weapon, leading to high sales promotion effects.

The reason why you are fulfilling your mission with stylish nobori, even single-color prints, is that it is hidden in such a place? I am thinking.

The story of a large streamer

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Our regular type is a size that is moderate and easy to handle. However, the children who are called “large streamers” will have a very big style.

Its powerful size is not only about producing a promotional effect simply by making it stand out, but also talks that it is doing various activities.

Introduction of a large streamer

The children who call it a large carp will be rehearsed, but anyway they are big. Its powerful size is easy to find from a distance and looks good.

In addition, to say that the body is large, such as the size of the characters put in the name and the design to be printed can be made a powerful size in all, so making effective use of it is a point to take advantage of the large stream It can be said that.

However, we can not say that the size of this size has the disadvantage of limiting the installation environment.

Even if you do not have enough space, even if you are given the mission of a large car, it would be a disastrous event for him, so I would like you to be careful enough.

However, as long as such problems can be cleared, we can expect powerful movements unique to a large, massive carp, so we would like you to use our regulars together.

Promotion effect of large size streamer

Large-sized carp is often used as a marker as well as how it is used for promotional effects.

For example, in the vicinity of the entrance of a large event venue, there is a high possibility that our regular streamers will be unnoticeable, and there are many situations where effective promotion as well as prompt guidance are difficult.

However, if it is a large carp, there is no need to worry about it, and you can quickly carry out sales promotion and guidance to the venue.

The scene where such a large carp is active includes a variety of situations such as a car sales office and a housing exhibition where ample installation space is secured as well as the event site, and a roadside where restaurants in the suburbs are adjacent. They are working hard day and night.

After all, simply standing up produces high sales promotion effects and appealing ability in an easy-to-understand manner, so a large carp will still be a place to be active.

We will not replace the regular carp, but if you find it somewhere, please say aloud that we are still working hard today. I’m sure I’m happy.

By the way, there is also a special banner with a unique shape, called a swing banner. In size, there are children of various sizes, from regular to large.

As it looks like it’s a pretty strange child, it’s like it’s uphill, is it? If you see a child say, please think that it is a swing banner.

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