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Nobori talks about the change of history

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Nobori has seen Japan’s history quite a bit. I have just survived through the turbulent times.

Nobori is raised in Japan, but it is said that the origin of the battle flag, which was originally given to China by the country of China, was presented for the evil horse country where Hyoki ruled.

If this story is just the origin, I think that the roots of the stream are so old, there is something awful.

I will try to easily understand how such a pot was used in the history.

Warring States period when the streamers lived

It is the world of the warring world that was first used in the spotlight for its history. It is in the age of warring countries to tell the profane.

At this time, it was given a print called a banner, and the streamers became winds on horses.

This banner corresponds to the advertisement announcement and service appeal of the place said at present, and the army to which you belong is here! It was a clear landmark to say.

It sent out information to the enemy and allies, and was doing things like being added and assisted, and delivering and delivering news.

In addition, by surrounding the position with a banner, it is possible to easily and easily insist on both sides of the enemy, and if you attack the enemy deeply and drop it, raise your flag and raise your victory It was said that there was also a way to use to say simply telling the whole army that the victory was achieved.

The ancestors of the streamers lived in the world next to danger.

The world of Taiping where the streamer lived

When the Warring States Period is over, and the Edo Shogunate is born, the world of Tenhei Taihei begins. For a very long time, there has been a small crisis, but Japan enjoyed the peaceful times. In these times, nobori is going to be used today.

A dumpling shop draws in with a three-color dumpling and stands at the storefront, soba, udon shop, sushi shop etc. will also utilize the streamers.

Also famous is the day of the pot for the earth. A banner was also used on this day, which was said to have started with the shopkeeper who had been having troubles without the popularity of eel-roofing salmon, who consulted with Hiraga Gen.

Such history is piled up, and I think that it is a very interesting thing, considering that the streamer is used like the present.

A banner used as a signboard

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One of the typical ways of using the banner is to use it as a signboard.

Being used as this signboard is very honorable to see as a carpenter, and it will be a signboard from tomorrow.

I say that it is in the form of a flower, the flag that lives as a signboard is just a star of the rising star world.

Characteristic of signboard

Signboards are literally loved as the shop’s face.

Of course, it must be clearly visible, and selling the face is an absolute requirement. Such a difficult big character is born every day as a signboard.

Day and night, their lifetime to fulfill the mission standing in the store is never long. It can be said that it is the short one in the rising world.

After all, as it is a signboard, I can not hide my body even at the time of a little rain wind. As well as pride as a banner, I endure and accept all things.

When they are created, even if they are given a strong body, the streamers are still consumables, and they are ever degraded before the great nature.

However, this can be said to be age-related deterioration that can be counted as one of the benefits for the carpentry and the shop side.

How to use a signboard

As one of the factors that the life of the signboard is short, it is not always just because the consumption is early.

This is because the shop side who is the master incorporates necessary changes in the sense of effectively and effectively using the billboards.

For example, when changing colors and designs every season, etc. and appealing the store name, the large signboard placed in the store can not cope with such a movement, but our carpenter brings the change of the dress to the appearance of the store easily It is useful, as it can lead to effective sales promotion activities.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the reason why the age-related deterioration of the banner is a merit.

Even with only one piece of rice cake, changing regularly on a season-by-season basis can also lead to sending out bright topics such as the economy and prosperity of the store itself to customers, and can give a good impression.

Also, the merits of using a carp as a signboard are in the cost aspect as well. It’s simply cheap.

It is possible to replace the banner at a discount when compared to a large installed store sign.

If it changes every time there is a built-in signboard even if it is seasonal or one year old, the cost will not be foolish. But what if it’s climbing? If we were, change of store production was easy, too! Because the production cost is cheap!

From the above things, the carp is often used while receiving love as a signboard.

Every day, it is a translation of the star of the nobori world ♪

The story of a large streamer

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Our regular type is a size that is moderate and easy to handle. However, the children who are called “large streamers” will have a very big style.

Its powerful size is not only about producing a promotional effect simply by making it stand out, but also talks that it is doing various activities.

Introduction of a large streamer

The children who call it a large carp will be rehearsed, but anyway they are big. Its powerful size is easy to find from a distance and looks good.

In addition, to say that the body is large, such as the size of the characters put in the name and the design to be printed can be made a powerful size in all, so making effective use of it is a point to take advantage of the large stream It can be said that.

However, we can not say that the size of this size has the disadvantage of limiting the installation environment.

Even if you do not have enough space, even if you are given the mission of a large car, it would be a disastrous event for him, so I would like you to be careful enough.

However, as long as such problems can be cleared, we can expect powerful movements unique to a large, massive carp, so we would like you to use our regulars together.

Promotion effect of large size streamer

Large-sized carp is often used as a marker as well as how it is used for promotional effects.

For example, in the vicinity of the entrance of a large event venue, there is a high possibility that our regular streamers will be unnoticeable, and there are many situations where effective promotion as well as prompt guidance are difficult.

However, if it is a large carp, there is no need to worry about it, and you can quickly carry out sales promotion and guidance to the venue.

The scene where such a large carp is active includes a variety of situations such as a car sales office and a housing exhibition where ample installation space is secured as well as the event site, and a roadside where restaurants in the suburbs are adjacent. They are working hard day and night.

After all, simply standing up produces high sales promotion effects and appealing ability in an easy-to-understand manner, so a large carp will still be a place to be active.

We will not replace the regular carp, but if you find it somewhere, please say aloud that we are still working hard today. I’m sure I’m happy.

By the way, there is also a special banner with a unique shape, called a swing banner. In size, there are children of various sizes, from regular to large.

As it looks like it’s a pretty strange child, it’s like it’s uphill, is it? If you see a child say, please think that it is a swing banner.

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