Story of cotton streamer


It can be said that saying “cotton streamer” is a bit different among ours.

Most of the members are made of synthetic fiber fabric, but as for this cotton carp, it is made of cotton called Tengu cotton or gold cloth as its name suggests.

This cotton carp has a unique texture and is a part that is loved and loved, but it has a reputation that is unique among us when it has a somewhat clumsy character.

Introduction of cotton carp

Cottonflies are often a little heavy. It is a matter of the nature of the fabric, but among us who are lightweight and famous, the weight is different.

However, I think that weight is connected to a tasteful movement when being blown in a sway and wind, and that it is loved, as it is uphill. In particular, Japanese people are people who value the emotions mentioned above, so his way of speaking will probably match his sensibility.

Cottonflies are also the flag that has walked along with history, and it is a traditional fabric material. From their point of view, it may be the case that we, who were made with the fabric of synthetic fiber material, fall under a branch.

It is said that the general family in the caring world that carries such a Japanese history and tradition, the cotton flag printing sometimes uses a method that feels a little more formal, which is said to be indigo dyeing.

Promotion effect of cotton carp

Cottonflies are expanding their opportunities to have their unique texture and taste.

For example, at stores such as udon soba shops, you may sometimes see cottonflies given a mission. In a shop that deals with such pure Japanese-style products, it can be said that it is a scene that shows a great sales promotion force because it can also be effectively directed without breaking the air and atmosphere.

In addition, cotton carp is often seen in Japanese sports venues such as Shinto shrines and temples, and also in Sumo wrestlers, and all of them take advantage of the unique feeling of atmosphere and atmosphere, and effectively promote them It seems to be doing an activity.

They are seemingly plain and old-fashioned cotton carp, but they have a mission that only they can do, and every time they see how they do it, they create a feeling of envy.

It is a thing to want to touch the tradition and the style at one time only by the streamer.

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