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A story about the fabric involved in the production

How to care about the carpenter

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Flags of flags always wind up on the streets and are sometimes exposed to rain and snow, and have a lifestyle where marketing activities are carried out.

However, a carp is not an object with constant mass, but, unfortunately, a consumable item. No matter how strong the body is, even if you are working indoors, it will always be a piece of cloth that has a rule that leaves it scratched, faded, soiled, and destroyed.

In order to breathe in such a certain time, to receive a long time with the streamer, I would like to introduce a care method that anyone can do.

It would be fortunate if you could have an attachment to a single bag through simple maintenance that can be done by anyone ♪

How to care for the longevity of the streamer

The lifespan of regular streamers, which are subject to harsh tasks, especially outdoors, is very short. Generally, it is as long as three months, short as one month.

In any case, it is too short to say one month in any case for three months, so I would like you to know how to deal with the causes of shortening the lifetime in order to extend the life of the streamer as much as possible.

● Dirt
Regular streamers working outdoors are particularly dirty. In an installation environment facing the road, of course, there are many cases where damage is caused by the exhaust gas of the car and dust rolling up. In addition, being hit by heavy rain may also cause pollution.

It is impossible to get rid of these causes, but in order to extend the life of the car as much as possible, store it in the shop frequently, for example, when the shop is closed and you are not using it, or when it is not busy time. By receiving it, our life span will surely be extended.

● heat up
There is a tendency for the streamers to go from the corner. That is an inevitable thing in the production process. Especially, the people who are installed outdoors and are active are more likely to wear out more easily.

As a measure to prevent windbreaks, it is effective to use a method that equips us with armor by processing that is said to reinforce the surroundings. In addition, it will be helpful if you can rest on the day when the wind is too strong. You could even think that you could fall down. That’s also annoying for people passing by. In addition, we have given some consideration to the installation location, and we will not have to worry about collisions and rubs if there are no obstacles in the direction we are reckoned in the wind. I am happy.

● Color fading
When working outdoors, it is the direct sunlight that can not be avoided. Nobori is not good at it. No matter how strong the light resistant ink is, continuing to hit the sunlight will cause a change called color fading.

It is impossible to prevent this, but as a prevention to receive a long banner flag, it is possible to take care in the day and to receive diligent storage as a measure to prevent it. .

Points to keep in mind when cleaning the streamer
When cleaning the streamer, it’s dirty and you can wash it with a washing machine! ! Please do not do anything.

Speaking uphill, it’s an outrage. It is a moment when the master changes to a tyrant.

The ink to be printed on the streamer has an outdoor activity in mind, and in many cases it is using a material that is highly resistant to rain, but it has the disadvantage of being vulnerable to rubbing.

So please refrain from washing the streamer with the washing machine as well as the laundry itself.

If it gets dirty, it is effective to wash it with a light hand or just wipe it lightly, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but I would appreciate your favor on behalf of the carp.

A streamer composed of multicolor prints

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That’s why the carp is fashionable. Repeat again and again. I imprint it. Imprinting.

In the trendy fashion, there is a thing called full color printing as the best attire. What! Even photos taken as images can be taken out to this body. This is very beautiful.

We will give lectures on the ecology of high-rises that express various colors from multi-color to full-color printing that can project such photos.

Impressions of a streamer composed of multicolor prints

Using various colors to coordinate the appearance of the stream is, first of all, beautiful and beautiful, and it looks very good. It reflects the degree of impression straight, and easily colors storefronts and stores.

In addition, if you print photos and the like on the streamer, you can instantly convey information that can not be conveyed with the name-inserted characters, which will lead to an impressive presentation of shop atmosphere, images, products, etc.

The point that it can be grasped as such a form, and it can be remembered as a color can be said to be an impression unique to the banner made of multicolor prints.

The effect of the streamer composed of multicolor prints

The effect of being able to compose and express the message or information that you want to convey in the entire stream is a direct appeal.

The fact that the colors that jump into the eyes are abundant will check the overall image of the stream, trying to recognize all colors naturally. As a result, it also leads to the firm communication of information, which translates into the promotion effect.

In addition, it is possible to recognize the goodness and fun of the product, the appearance that the food is delicious, etc. as a picture by printing a photo on a streamer. By doing this, it is possible to imagine the form that you directly get in hand and the form that you want to carry in your mouth, so it has the effect of working directly on the feeling that you are looking forward to it.

These words alone, we think that it is the biggest strength of the carp that is composed of multi-color prints that can skillfully utilize the idea of ​​making it difficult to make difficult images.

Think from existing products

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Many people in the world become large families with exactly the same face, called ready-made streamers.

This off-the-shelf product has a very wide variety of designs, and from the large family of single-color prints, there are children who behave like nobles in full-color printing.

Let me introduce you some of these ready-made carp friends. In any town or village they are given a place and their respective missions.

Characteristics of ready-made carp

The major feature of the ready-made carp is its low cost. We can easily hire us at cheap prices.

The super low selling price, for example, is very profitable considering the labor costs to be advertised, and they keep sending messages while they are in place.

Moreover, the kind is very abundant, and it seems that you can always find something called ready-made carp carrying a message related to the shop or product you are looking for. So many friends are active in the world.

Furthermore, it has a feature in the height of its design. For this reason, saying that a ready-made carp is not a ready-to-wear but is printed as printed by a designer.

Because it is a thing that was designed with consideration given to the promotion effect properly, the ready-made carp may have the feature that it is very easy to use and that it can be expected to be effective.

How to use the ready-made carp

Ready-made carp is used in various scenes. It has a wide variety, and even if things have the same face, there is no such thing as how to use templates, as they are used to appeal completely different products.

Therefore, there are many cases where it is used in a way of thinking that what you want is what you want, a product recommended by a store, a wind that says that a ready-made paper on which a service is printed is selected and installed It is used for

Of course, they will be happy to fulfill their mission given the ready-made streamers chosen for their purpose and application. You can say that such a sensible work experience produces a stable promotional effect and helps the store.

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